Tandoori Meat Box

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This box can feed up to 6 people and is a significant amount food coming to between 3 & 4kg of marinated meats!

Enjoy a selection of Aktar’s signature Tandoori-style marinated meats; perfect for a family BBQ this summer.


All items in this box can be cooked in the oven or on a BBQ!


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Selection of Aktar’s signature Tandoori-style marinated meats!

This box can feed up to 6 people and is a significant amount food coming to between 4 & 5kg of marinated meats!

ADRAKI MURGH (D) Cotswold white drumsticks marinated in Kashmiri chilli, fresh and dry ginger, toasted cumin & coriander

TULSI MURGH (D) Chicken thigh in an herby marinade of fresh basil, coriander, fenugreek & green chilli

MAHI MACHLI Salmon darne marinated in Bengali curried spice blended with red pepper and ripe plum tomato puree

ACHARI MURGH (D) Chicken wings marinated in yoghurt, North Indian pickling spices, Kashmiri chilli & garam masala

AFGHANI LAMB (D) 6 Wiltshire Downlands Lamb marinated in a sweet date and sultana marinade spiced with toasted black cumin, green & black cardamom

MAAS KE SOOLEY Fillets of beef marinated in raw papaya, garlic, smoked ghee, Kashmiri chilli, black cardamom & nutmeg

MUTTON CHAPLI (D) North Indian/Pakistani minced mutton kebab spiced with cracked coriander, cumin, toasted Kashmiri chilli & ground pomegranate seeds


NAAN (D)(G) Tandoori flatbread

(G) Gluten
(D) Dairy
(N) Nuts
(V) Vegetarian


  • Nationwide delivery – order by the end of Monday and it will be shipped to you with the special food-safe overnight delivery to be received on Friday.
  • Detailed delivery information
  • NOTE: All boxes are packaged securely with wool cool insulating sleeves and ice packs to be safe for an overnight or 2 night transit max, on the rare occasion of courier delays. At which point, we recommend moving into the fridge on arrival.


Dishes containing gluten (G), nuts (N), dairy (D) or suitable for vegetarians (V) are marked on the menu.

We are unable to alter or swap dishes for dietary requirements but hope the selection would be sufficient for all.  Please check this page a week before to see what menu you will be receiving, the menu is also published on the @aktarathome Instagram feed.


Please note that items on the menu can change due to supplier issues and availability. Visit the website for up do date information on the weeks upcoming menu.

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13 reviews for Tandoori Meat Box

  1. Neil Howell (verified owner)

    Ordered this box a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely amazing. The quality of the ingredients are fantastic and the spicing is so far and away above anything you will get at your local takeaway. I barbecue a lot so this box held no fears, however you do need to be prepared to do a bit of cooking to enjoy everything at its best. However they do provide instructions as to how to cook each dish but if you are looking for something you can pop in the microwave then quite possibly this is not for you. If you do go for the curry box you certainly won’t be disappointed by that either. I will definitely be ordering again

  2. sue woods (verified owner)

    An amazing mix of really tasty and succulent meat, all prepared for the BBQ. Very, very easy to produce a magnificent meal. We had one of the boxes yesterday, for our son’s birthday treat. Not only did we enjoy a fabulous meal, we were also lucky enough to have fabulous weather too. We all ate really well, and there were leftovers enough for our light lunch today. I cooked some roasted jersey potatoes, with cumin seeds, and some cauliflower, to supplement the meal, but it wasn’t really needed. Have already got another BBQ box in our freezer…..We have loved all of our Curry Boxes……and now love this……..Thank you…..we all loved it

  3. Kay Worsley-Cox (verified owner)

    The BBQ in a box was amazing. We consider our selves and our friends real foodies, we all LOVED everything, so many lovely dishes to try , beautifully spiced. A real treat . We would highly recommend.
    PS we also loved the curry in a box

  4. Andy Parsons (verified owner)

    We have had the curry box twice and just had the BBQ box. The food is truly amazing and so easy to prepare for the table. Thank you so much! We will definitely order again!

  5. gary turner

    We have had the curry box before and tried the new Tandoori BBQ box at the weekend. The food was utterly amazing. There were 9 of us and we could eat it all. Incredible value and would highly recommend.

  6. gary turner

    We have had the curry box before and tried the new Tandoori BBQ box at the weekend. The food was utterly amazing. There were 9 of us and we couldn’t eat it all. Incredible value and would highly recommend.

  7. Diana Middleditch

    We ordered the BBQ box for our family of 9 adults and 7 children. With the addition of some sausages and burgers for the less adventurous children, there was enough delicious food for everyone. We loved the lamb rack, so tender, and the beef steak, but it was all delicious and cooked beautifully on our gas BBQ.
    We even had some leftovers..

  8. Paul Kelly (verified owner)

    Wow! Just WOW! Outstanding value for money and Outstanding Quality. We fed 6 amply with leftovers for Sunday.

    I did a Chaat starter, plus accompaniment of Dal Makhani and Kachumber.

    BBQ I staggered to ease the cooking pressure: Adraki Murgh and Tulsi Murgh as starters, Mahai Malchi as a fish course then the rest as a Main course. That way I got time to enjoy the food as well as cook it!

    Instructions and timings given were spot on, quality of spicing was wonderful.

  9. Richard Cooper (verified owner)

    Utterly devine, a great selection of meats & fish.
    Fabulous quality & great value for money, I wish I had second freezer! All products from Aktar at Home are the standard you expect from a Michelin starred restaurant – but at a bargain price.

  10. Edmund Dilworth (verified owner)

    We have ordered the Curry Box previously and thoroughly enjoyed it but decided to try the BBQ box. We were amazed at the quality of the meats and each dish was fabulous. We will definitely order this again. We really hope you keep this offering going !! Thank you.

  11. Chris Smith (verified owner)

    Had the Tandoori BBQ box for a birthday BBQ for 6. It was superb and we had enough to feed three more people the following day. I made a couple of indian salads, some spicy coleslaw and warm spicy new potatoes to accompany and everyone was so happy with the food. Better value than a meal for six from the local takeaway and so much better in quality and taste.

  12. Rachel Simpson (verified owner)

    Wow ! If you don’t order this food you are seriously missing out. I ordered the BBQ box and it was absolutely amazing. All the meat was delicious, beautifully prepared and very easy to cook/follow instructions. We fed 7 people and still have meat leftover for another BBQ.
    Will definitely be ordering again. We all loved it !

  13. Chris (verified owner)

    Every dish was amazing. We put most in the freezer and it lasted several meals for the two of us. Highly recommended.

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