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Each fortnight Aktar develops a vegan menu inspired by traditional regional recipes from all over the Indian subcontinent, depending on produce available as quality is the key. The template stays the same with a selection of curries from across all of India and menus are published weekly.

Working with our suppliers and producers we use seasonal vegetables to create flavoursome curries all served with spiced fragrant pulao, naan and dairy free sheermal.

A vegan curry box is enough for a very generous banquet for four, several meals for two, or a whole week of dinners for one. Each curry tends to be portioned between 400g and 600g, the boxes are very generous and everything is designed to be frozen so you can enjoy them at your choosing.

Demand for our Weekly Curry Boxes has been amazing and we often find that we sadly are selling out on the weekend prior to the delivery. Luckily, now you can now also pre-order for weeks to ensure you get your treat.



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  • Pick-up – order by the end of Wednesday and pick up from Opheem on Thursday between 15:00-17:30.
  • Nationwide delivery – order by the end of Tuesday and it will be shipped to you on Wednesday with the special food-safe overnight delivery to be received on Thursday by 6pm.

Detailed delivery information

NOTE: All boxes are packaged securely with wool cool insulating sleeves and ice packs to be safe for an overnight or 2 night transit max, on the rare occasion of courier delays. At which point, we recommend moving into the fridge on arrival.

Reheating Instructions

You will receive detailed cooking directions with your box.

Most curries are prepared to be reheated quickly in a pan ready to serve. Some dishes may require reheating in the oven but at most we expect nothing longer than 20 minutes for any part of these curry dishes.

All pre-cooked curries are suitable for freezing and they reheat amazingly well.


None of the dishes are suitable for any onion, garlic or tomato allergies.

Dishes containing gluten (G), nuts (N), dairy (D) are marked on the menu.

We are unable to alter or swap dishes for dietary requirements but hope the selection would be sufficient for all. For any further dietary requirements, please e-mail us directly. As our menus & recipes are confirmed closer to the date depending on availability we may not always be able to guarantee allergens until the week of production. Please check this page a week before to see what menu you will be receiving, the menu is also published on the @aktarathome Instagram feed.

Additional information

Click & Collect/Delivery Date

Jan 15 WK 2, Jan 22 WK 3, Jan 29 WK 4, Feb 4 WK 5, Feb 11 WK 6, Feb 18 WK 7, Feb 25 Wk 8, Mar 4 Wk 9, Mar 11 WK 10, Mar 18 WK 11, Mar 25 WK 12, Apr 1 WK 13, Apr 8 WK 14, Apr 15 WK 15, Apr 22 WK 16, Apr 29 WK 17, May 6 WK 18

12 reviews for Vegan Curry Box

  1. Isu Rao (verified owner)

    I ordered both the vegan and meat boxes. The selection of vegetables for the vegan dish was excellent. Each vegetable had its own texture and was cooked beautifully enhancing its natural favours (eg the carrot dish) and every single dish tasted completely different. This is in contrast to the usual take aways where all the curries taste the same. Our favourite was the quorum keema which was outstanding. We actually prefer this to lamb keema. The chickpea dish and carrots were fantastic too. The naans were beautifully thin and crispy.l and full of flavour.
    There was enough food for two people to have three meals. Portion sizes are good, I wouldn’t say enormous though. £85 including delivery is not cheap but the food is of a high quality and tastes delicious. This is a worthwhile treat and could be a regular occurrence if you don’t get take aware from anywhere else.

  2. Pradeep Kumar (verified owner)

    We enjoyed vegan curry box delivered on 22nd January. Great packaging, tasty dishes, great food.
    Slightly let down by wrong dish, was promised baghare baingan, what we received were no Baghare baingan but suspect khatte baingan, and believe me I know my baingans !😀
    Also as a vegetarian I would look forward to Paneer dishes, dal makhani and so on. Hope you start catering to Vegetarians in addition to vegans and carnivores. Why not allow people option to substitute dishes or at least some to vegetarians?

  3. Donna Burton-Wilcock (verified owner)

    Amazing value for money. With the addition of some extra rice, the box has served two of us for four meals. Excellent quality with each dish distinctly flavoured. Friday night is now curry night!

  4. Kim (verified owner)

    This might seem expensive at first look but there is so much food…and it’s all delicious. I think we’ve had 7 big meals for 2 out of this box. We did cook some additional rice for a few of them. The curries are so much nicer and healthier than a standard take away and it’s quicker to get this out of the freezer and heated than it would be to wait for a very average take away.

  5. David Ellis

    My dad ordered the vegan option for Feb I think. It was fantastic!! The portion size was very generous, the taste of each dish was unique and really tasty. Would highly recommend ordering from here.

  6. Maria Marcon (verified owner)

    We have just finished the vegan box. For the quality of the food the cost of £85 including delivery was reasonable in my opinion. The wide range of dishes have us three evenings of hearty meals for two. Roll on April for our receipt of the meat box.

  7. Deb Woolley

    Excellent curries. Given as a gift and really enjoyed variety and choice and amazed at the quantity, quality and taste and fed us for days (we did add a few other bits but managed 6 meals for two people with the extras once rice from delivery used up etc.) We actually froze some of the curries and have recently used these and as good as the fresh ones. Highly recommend and feel excellent value for authentic curries. Will order ourselves as a treat and accept delivery charge is just how it is as still feel good value for that we got.

  8. Susan Anne Baird (verified owner)

    Ordered as lockdown birthday treat for my son. As those of us isolating together are a mix of veggies and vegans, we got the vegan box. 2 of us are also gluten intolerant – of the 8 dishes, only one had gluten, as did the breads, so still plenty to eat for those of us needing gf. Amazing dishes, with great flavours and textures, best rice ever eaten and I am assured the breads were fantastic too. At 8 high quality meals it was well worth the money, despite my original hesitancy about price. I see a trip to Birmingham in our future post lockdown!

  9. Steven Hunt

    Just had our Vegan Box and it was amazing. Absolutely gutted to hear you’re not continuing with them 🙁 … please reconsider!!! The spicing was perfect and the quality superb. We were amazed at the amount of food included.

  10. Mary (verified owner)

    The vegan curry box was excellent. All dishes were very different and delicious. Portion sizes were impressive. It’s a real shame that the vegan curry box is coming to an end in a few weeks time as we would have placed a regular order.

  11. Susie (verified owner)

    We ordered the vegan feast box at the end of February and it was excellent.
    Some of our box got damaged in transit and customer services were very helpful and quick to resolve the issue.
    It was only for 2 of us, and the box easily gave us 4 meals each (and we are big eaters). We have tried a lot of different curries, but even we were surprised by new and different ones that we had never heard of before.
    I would recommend only having 4 of the curries at a time in order to enjoy them all and really savour the different flavours, as it can get a bit more confused trying to eat 8 at once. It’s also much easier to only heat up 4 curries!

  12. Helen Lawson (verified owner)

    We are so disappointed you are dropping the vegan box as it was delicious and we would definitely order it again many times over! Wonderful flavours and plenty for 3 people for 3 or even 4 meals and it all freezes really well. Great value for money too. Please bring it back!

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