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Two chicken, one mutton, one beef and 4 vegetarian/vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans


Two chicken, one mutton, one beef and 4 vegetarian/vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

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95 reviews for Mixed Box Deal

  1. Stuart Robinson (verified owner)

    Thanks for all this lovely food! The Opheem team have absolutely knocked it out of the park. As a couple, we've had 5 meals each, so far, with a some additional rice added. We have a couple more meals worth of food left. EVERY single dish we've had has been knockout. Can't recommend enough

  2. Colin Hammerton

    Just had the curry box and as a long time curry fanatic, I have to say this was the best I have every eaten! Fabulous home style curry, not the usual type served in most Indian restaurants in the U.K. Can’t wait to place another order for your fantastic food.Truly the best thing to come out of lockdown.

  3. Mark Brannigan (verified owner)

    Food was superb, re- heating was really straight forward and the amount of food is fantastic and excellent value. 4 people had a great evening of delicious food with a good amount now in the freezer to enjoy on another evening. Highly recommended

  4. David (verified owner)

    We had the week 2 Curry box. The food and flavors were excellent and the instructions to prepare easy and simple to follow. As others have mentioned we had more than enough (we are 3 adults) and now have enough in the freezer for at least one other meal. The rice and fish were particular highlights. Thank you.

  5. PIppa S (verified owner)

    I live in Nottingham but had seen a paper article about Aktar at Home. I decided to purchase for my two adult children and myself as a treat. I can not recommend this meal enough.
    It arrived in a lovely wrapped box, with clear instructions, fully insulated to ensure the food arrived safely and chilled. The food itself is one of the nicest meals I have ever tasted and definitely the most delicious curry. Full of flavour. There is a HUGE amount of food - lasted us for three full meals.
    I have just ordered my second box and cannot wait for delivery in a few weeks.
    Excellent quality meat and beautiful flavours.

  6. stewart johnstone (verified owner)

    We were a little nervous as to how the food would taste when re-heated. In essence it is a take away and it is never normally as good as eating in a restaurant. Well, what can I say other than it was magnificent. Everything was beautifully season and there was no shortage of meat. I have just ordered again and would have no hesitation in recommending

  7. Moya Neale (verified owner)

    What a treat to get such a wonderful meal in mid Wales during lockdown. Thank you so much Aktar at Home for providing some sunshine!

  8. lesley.muncy (verified owner)

    Our Son bought us a curry box for Christmas, which was delivered at the end of January. Wow! I thought I was upset that I couldn't go to our house in Spain, but if I stay here and eat food like this for a few months I will not complain. The food is superb, the quantities are amazing and it will feed us for a while. To our son thank you, and to Aktar and of course all his chefs, we say 'Thank you" you cheered us up in these difficult times. Have ordered another one for my 65th
    Birthday treat! We live close to London, and this food rivals anything that is currently on offer!!

  9. Fiona Rolt (verified owner)

    Fabulous meal - generous and utterly mouth watering. Son in law reckoned the best cauliflower he had ever eaten. I have just ordered again!

  10. Mark Naylon (verified owner)

    This is our second curry box and yet again we thoroughly enjoyed the meals provided, it really is excellent food. Two substantial meals so far and enough left over to freeze for later, which makes it really good value too.
    Unfortunately the package was mishandled by the courier so some of the curry cartons had split slightly, but this was handled professionally and swiftly by the @home team, for which we are very grateful.
    We've recommended it to our friends and will be ordering again very soon.

  11. Jill Farrimond (verified owner)

    Our box arrived today beautifully packed and in perfect condition. The amount of food is extremely generous and the first dishes we have tried were totally delicious. I wanted to order another box straight away.

  12. Matt Pearce (verified owner)

    Thank you Aktarathome for the most wonderful banquet of gourmet food, which arrived very fresh and with very generous portions. All of the dishes were unique and a truly memorable experience and it was very good value. In fact, I have just ordered another one and can't wait for that. Thank you.

  13. Aisling Scanlan (verified owner)

    Fantastic food, impeccable service. Have recommended to anyone who will listen. Will 100% order again.

  14. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Best curry I’ve ever had. Superb flavours, variety of dishes and generous portions. Easy to assemble, enough food for 8, or 4 x 2 person meals. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  15. Jo C (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding food! Delivered to Carlisle in perfect condition. The amount of work we had to do was minimal and the instructions could not have been more clear. The food was exceptional quality, absolutely delicious, and we froze half for the following week, which did not affect the quality at all. We placed another order as soon as we had eaten the first dish and will definitely be getting another! Would highly recommend.

  16. Ken Skehan (verified owner)

    Where to start? Dishes - original, full of flavour, mostly ones I've never seen on other Indian menus. Quality - outstanding. You can tell the ingredients used are top notch. Most amazing? - the value. The portions are so generous we had two meals for four people from the box. If we ordered this amount of food from our favourite local Indian (also original dishes and great ingredients) it would have cost a good deal more. Brilliant to experience a little of Aktar's food before we're allowed to go to the restaurant and savour the full tasting menu experience (which had to be cancelled in lockdown). First jabs next week so feeling confident we'll be able to come to Brum as soon as the restaurant can take us! If you haven't tried Aktar's Sunday Roast you should do that too. It's outstanding and just as great value.

  17. David Hemming (verified owner)

    I think we got 8 meals out of our box which is crazy good value especially considering how high the quality was. We will definitely be doing this again, and visiting the restaurant has become a top priority once that is on the agenda.

  18. Maria Whitehead (verified owner)

    Having travelled to India over 12 times through the whole country I can honestly say never have I been transported there by food as much as when dining on these dishes, they are superbly balanced, plentiful, vibrant and tasty, each one is so different and the complex layers of flavours really comes through without being too spicy or too mild. We will most certianly be back again.

  19. Lanushka (verified owner)

    Loved the sumptuous selection, it was a truly 5 star dining experience, thank you! We are due to receive another box in 2 weeks - can't wait.

  20. C Jones

    Beautiful food, very generous portions, excellent packaging- can be frozen straightaway if needed, reheats perfectly.
    Extraordinary value for this quality.

  21. Jen (verified owner)

    Incredible value for money, we couldn’t believe how much food arrived! Absolutely delicious, good quality ingredients and excellent customer service! Highly recommend!

  22. David

    Spectacular. The Mixed Box Deal arrived on time and was securely packaged - thanks.
    There was a LOT of food, easily enough for 6 delicious banquets for the two of us.
    We will reorder when restrictions are lifted and we can invite a houseful of friends to enjoy a feast with us.

  23. Tom Bird (verified owner)

    Our first experience with Aktar's Mixed Box Deal. We have wanted to eat at the restaurant but live in Surrey so its too far for an evening meal! The curry box exceeded all our expectations...
    Value for money: Ten dishes for £70 is amazing value for food of this quality anbd there is so much of it. We have 2 teenagers and the four of us were full with lots left over.
    Quality: The curries are fantastic - different to the usual dishes you get at a standard take-away, not oily, all with just the right amount of heat and the spicing of each perfect.
    Variety: We sampled dishes we have never had before and loved them all. Easy to re-heat, lovely breads and veg dishes along with three different meat dishes and a fish curry!
    I am so glad Aktar will be continuing after lockdown as this is something we will do regularly.
    Thank you!!!

  24. Tom Howley (verified owner)

    Our delivery arrived in Lancashire well packaged last Thursday. We had the week 11 menu and every dish was fabulous. Two adults started with the fish curry on the Thursday and our daughters joined us for 3 more dishes plus bread on Friday. That was followed by the keema for 2 on Saturday and then the 4 of us demolished the remaining dishes plus rice on Sunday! Another curry box ordered for late April. Great value and highly recommended.

  25. Andrew Leese (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow, what meal. Ordered this for our daughter’s birthday, there was five of us but loads of food, it would easily feed more. Outstanding quality and flavour, can’t wait to order another.

  26. Paul Johnson (verified owner)

    Had my first Mixed Box Deal delivered on Thursday,all the way to Boston ,Lincolnshire as a Birthday treat ,
    amazing food packed with flavour and quality ,
    5 stars does not seem enough
    will defiantly be ordering again

  27. Pankaj (verified owner)

    Got the delivery yesterday and it was beautifully packaged and bang on time. We live in London and did not know what to expect from a delivery so far.
    Good instructions and also that do not eat all at once as there is a lot of food.
    Last night we had the mutton and chicken. Both were outstanding. The lamb was pure melt in the mouth and had lots of delicious gravy. The chicken had again a lovely tasting curry sauce.

    Can’t wait for the rest tonight. Brilliant and has beaten all the local north London pubs and curry houses.....and we have quite a few near us.

  28. David Tither (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Very special indeed. Wouldn't hesitate to order again. This easily fed 6 x adults too. Something to look forward to and cheer yourself up during lockdown. Thank you!

  29. Julie (verified owner)

    Fabulous. Got the curry box delivered to us last weekend. All dishes were excellent. Plenty to eat . Food was fresh . Can’t say enough positive comments about this delicious food . Just placed a second order !

  30. Mike Hay

    Ok so you have done it again...we have now had our 3rd curry box delivered and they continue to be amazing. The taste and textures are second to none. The only complaint is that they are so good that our children have now said they will not accept curries from anywhere else. It seems we have conditioned them with these wonderful meals and they will never be able to return to "normal" curries. I'm happy with that as it means I can continue to eat them as well.

  31. Reg Holdsworth (verified owner)

    Living across the Ox & Bucks borders we are spoilt for choice of exceptional restaurants and takeaway options. After trying a curry box our 'normal' takeaway defaults have been banished. From the packaging to the eventual taste, just outstanding.
    Our takeaways will now be thoughtfully planned ahead, these curry boxes becoming our new normal. Brilliant concept, great execution, thank you.

  32. Chris Harper

    Live in Watford and got the Curry box for my birthday as a curry consumer of forty years plus . Normally eat Lamb Vindaloo (for taste not heat) with favourite restaurant the Halal Aldgate which I cannot visit courtesy of Covid. Thoroughly enjoyed the change and variety that the Curry box brought. The portions were large and made four very tasty meals for two of us. Very well packed, instructions good and simple to follow. Had to freeze a couple and they came out fine. Will use again for ourselves and for gifts. Excellent value. Thank you.

  33. Chris France

    Absolutely faultless. This is an amazing quantity of curries that surpasses anything I can cook myself or buy from any local outlet. You guys are amazing

  34. Linda Griffiths (verified owner)

    Excellent - food - the taste, texture and smell were amazing. I have never enjoyed a feast so much. I gave my friend a box for her birthday as well who was delighted with it. Good Value for money - Going to buy a freezer so I can stock up.

  35. KATE Wyatt (verified owner)

    The most fabulous feast for 4 or 6 or more !
    Lots of delicious food and very good value.
    Highly recommended and we will be ordering again soon !

  36. Dudley Sizen (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant had my 1st box last week well worth the wait lovely favours so much great food
    My Daughter had hers also delivered last week in Devon she was the one who recommended me to buy 1 of your boxes
    My wife and myself are both in our eighties and cannot remember having Asian food as good as your food also great value.

  37. Mrs June Mills

    Received our curry box Thursday 29th April up here in Cumbria, a thoughtful and lovely gift from our daughter & son in law knowing that my husband is a good home curry chef (not trained). Only had 2 dishes and naan/rice, so much food but so great to be able to freeze the rest. Great quality of ingredients and amazing flavours. Will be treating ourselves later in the year to another box. Daughter cannot wait to indulge in the rest of the dishes in a few weeks when she visits us.

  38. Michael Forsyth

    Utterly stunning food.
    I’ve spent the last 25 years eating curry but this tops the lot - genuinely. I’m really discerning and have enjoyed many home cooked Indian meals but this amazing selection was just stunning. Very fresh, highly spiced, aromatic and generous portions. The complex tastes from the spices are just outstanding and nothing like any takeaway or restaurant that I’ve had food from. I can’t praise the food enough. I’m often disappointed with Indian food due to poor quality ingredients, a generic taste and quickly cooked tough meat but everything we had was slowly braised and just beautiful.
    Thank you so much for the stunning food and we’ll definitely be ordering again.

  39. Richard Newton (verified owner)

    We live near London and the curry box arrived on the day promised and we had the food on the Saturday. It was very, very good with enough dishes to suit our vegetarian guest. The quality was exceptional, the meat was tender and plentiful. The spices were clever and, in the main, quite spicy but each dish was different. There was plenty of bread which was fresh and the Sheermal was particularly good There was a huge quantity of food which fed 3 people for 2 meals. The instructions were clear, a bit more work than we expected but not a problem for such excellent food.
    Exceptional value for Michelin starred food.

  40. adrian

    Excellent curries. Brilliant value. Easy to feed 6. Works out better than the curry place round the corner and the cooking is to die for

  41. Wendy Beddows (verified owner)

    I collected and took our curry box home on Thursday. Had three meals from it to date having frozen more for another time. The volume of food in there is very generous relative to the price but more importantly it is utterly delicious food. The beautiful menu card with genuine heartfelt message about these boxes sustaining employment and the restaurants was beautifully done. We will be ordering again. Thank-you.

  42. Carol Devlin (verified owner)

    Can’t praise the food we received in our Mixed Box Deal highly enough!!
    The quality of the ingredients was excellent and each dish was absolutely delicious. Ordering the Mixed Box Deal gave us the opportunity to try dishes we had never eaten before and as a result it has increased our appreciation of this fabulous cuisine.
    The care taken by Aktar extended to the packaging and delivery of the food - I would definitely recommend!

  43. Nick

    So I ordered the new biryani meal and was very nervous as not tasted goat before - wow it was wonderful . Served 7 easily . The whole dish was nicely spiced and nicely fragrant. The raitha I split and made a mint sauce with one half and the other half plain . The sauce that comes with the biryani I blitzed as got fussy adult kids and thought if they saw a aubergine they wouldn't even try it . Everyone enjoyed and will be ordering again .

  44. Anne-Marie Carroll (verified owner)

    WOW - the best Indian I have ever tasted, absolutely delicious. We entertained friends who were blown away by the different tastes of each of the dishes. Portions were spot on, very generous indeed. Thank you we will be ordering again!

  45. Luke Mc (verified owner)

    Im here on this website nervously and hopefully finding a delivery slot for yet another Aktar at Home 🙂 im down to my last 2 orders that i've been eating over time from the freezer, and have just loved the flavours, freshness and convenience bulk buying curries in advance has made!

    I think for me, it's about being able to trust all the inputs for these meals v other currys houses more locally. I trust care has gone into sourcing the meat, and there's no shortcuts taken. I love that there are curries in the box that are more obscure too!

    (ok, this may seem as though its been written by someone associated with this place, but ive just been blown away twice over by both of my box orders and really hope this keeps going so i can maintain my supply post-lockdown here in London!!)

  46. Maria Antoniou (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Read the reviews and thought I should try. Was really impressed. Great variety - makes you try dishes you may not naturally choose. High quality and very good quantities. Like other reviews we had enough for a meal the next day. Thank you. So pleased that you will be continuing with this

  47. Dena (verified owner)

    WOW!! Thank you Aktar and the team at Opheem.
    Ordered the menu for Week 14 for me and my husband and it lasted us for x3 meals. Enjoyed every dish, portion size was generous, everything was fresh, with lots of flavour and plenty of meat/ fish. Fantastic value for money, will definitely be choosing to order a curry box rather than the usual takeaway in future. We have booked a table for Opheem and cannot wait to come and eat with you.

  48. Christopher Alderson (verified owner)

    We have had both the Vegan and Meat curry boxes and both superb. Great delivery service, well packed and fresh. The variety of tastes and quality is superb.
    Five of us ate and food left over, second time only 2 and we froze 1/2.
    Amazing value for such fantastic food

  49. Mark whiteside (verified owner)

    All the curries were superb and portions are extremely generous. One suggestion would be to offer the option of brown rice/whole grain bread (e.g. chapatti) as many people don’t eat white rice/bread these days - the milk bread went straight in the bin though we did eat the naan breads.

  50. Neil Howell (verified owner)

    I have tried several of these "at home" options from various establishments but I can safely say that Aktar at Home is head and shoulders above the rest. Aside from the fact that they have had one or two issues with suppliers which they have attended to, everything that arrived was in perfect condition and still totally chilled. Everything was clearly labelled, contained simple cooking instructions and most importantly tasted fantastic. Quantities were very generous and everyone who sat down to dinner last night with us was knocked out by the fact that not only were they eating restaurant quality food.....but also that it was so simple to get on the table, but also that it came in the back of a van half the length of the country. Not only will I order again, I will also be visiting Opheem in the future

  51. Sharon Giffin (verified owner)

    We had the curry box delivered last Thursday. It came well chilled and well packaged. It was an absolute delight for the senses. Everything was beautifully spiced and full of flavour. There were three of us and we ate it over two nights. I hoped that with a couple of confirmed "fish dodgers" in the house I might get the lion's share of the fish but it was not to be - they both loved it. Really easy to cook, generous portions and good value for money. We're already looking at when to order the biryani!

  52. Alastair Norris (verified owner)

    We had our first curry box this bank holiday weekend and absolutely loved it! There were a few issues with DPD's delivery but once open the curries made for a great feast with enough food for at least 6 people and all of it packed full of flavour! We actually enjoyed the vegetarian dishes the most and the variety was a real win.
    Definitely recommended and have told friends about it already! Will be ordering again!

  53. Benjamin Chesterton (verified owner)

    Superb food. Very good value. I hope the quality is maintained as I'll be repeat ordering. Only problem was my box was missing the breads (not great) but I made my own and I was refunded for them. So yeah. In spite of the mix up 5 stars. Thank you Aktar.

  54. Lorraine Deas (verified owner)

    Took the plunge and ordered, we were not disappointed, plenty of food for 8 of us. Have ordered the biryani to try next. It made us try curries that we wouldn’t have usually ordered. They were tasty but not spicy. Hope you will continue with these??

  55. Helen Lenart (verified owner)

    These boxes have been amazing over lockdown and I am so grateful that they are continuing.
    Well packaged and delivery is excellent. The food is sublime and easily feeds my very greedy family for 2 dinners and a lunch - really good value for money. The variety, quality and flavour of the dishes is something you would never get in your local take away. I have recommended these curry boxes to a friends and they all agree - the Indian food is the best and most authentic they have ever tasted. You can understand why they have a Michelin star. A big thank you for being the star in the hardship of the last year.

  56. Duncan Armour (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality and generous quantities made this our favourite ever online food order. I doubt whether we will ever use a takeaway again. We loved the subtlety of the spicing and the variety of flavours. The fish curry that I really wasn't sure about was a real star of the box but really there was nothing that we didn't rave about. Absolutely first rate!

  57. susan herd

    Absolutely wonderful we live in Worcestershire and food delivered carefully packaged and insulated . Excellent

  58. Adele

    Just sat down to eat this (July 1st delivery) and it was utterly amazing. Huge portions, every dish different and extremely delicious. Have been thinking about ordering this on and off for a while now and so glad we did. We still have half the box left to eat so looking forward to eating that over the weekend. We will definitely be buying again soon.

  59. Helen (verified owner)

    I cannot tell you how good these curries are. I have a cupboard full of spices but I don't think I'm ever going to cook a curry again. The variety is amazing. My 91 year old mother (who has never been to a curry house or had a curry take-away before) loves them! Taste buds decline as you get older, but no problem here. I am really pleased that she enjoys although occasionally feel slightly demoralised that she seems to prefer them to almost anything I cook! Please don't stop the online deliveries...my mother is depending on them.

  60. Clare Jackaon (verified owner)

    We were given the curry box as a gift for both our (rather too old) birthdays and boy was it wonderful! Since then we have had the Biryani box which was sublime and I am now awaiting another lot of your beautiful curry boxes! We live up in North East Scotland and so far no probs re delivery. I highly recommend the food, fabulous quality and the amount is amazing! Really well packaged and you can tell that even though obviously they must make huge quantities, the quality is still paramount. I love their ethics

  61. Angie Green (verified owner)

    I don’t normally take the time to give a review but this was so tasty I’m here now giving this 5 ?.
    The delivery came well packaged with Wool cool insulating, I’ll be looking on their website for ideas on reusing this.

    This was my first box and 4 adults tucked into it last night.
    I reheated the curries and side dishes by giving a quick blast in the microwave then popping it in the oven to keep warm, it was prefect! The veggies and meat felt like they had just come from a restaurant kitchen.
    We were all impressed and it tasted delicious, there was a nice mix of curries (we had week 27 and the lamb dish is to die for) and my guests wanted the details as they will now be ordering.

    Even after 4 hungry adults there are still leftovers, enough for my partner and I to have at least another meal each.

    This is great, if there was ‘recommend a friend’ I would be ‘quids in’.

    If you are reading these reviews because you are trying to decide if it’s worth it-do it, you will not be disappointed.

  62. Catherine Findlater (verified owner)

    I can't remember where I first read about Aktar at Home (I suspect it was on another chef/cooks instagram page) but I am so glad I did! Our selection included Goan fish curry, Murgh Makhani, Keralan Beef, Rogan e Nishat, a paneer curry, Gobhi Mattar, Dhal Traveni and a potato dish (plus sides of course). In our family of 2.5 people that has served us 4 very substantial meals (we could probably have had 5-6 meals but we're greedy!) and they have all been amazing.. so much tastier than a bog standard takeaway. The quality is outstanding and the value for money phenomenal! We will definitely be ordering again.

  63. Colette (verified owner)

    This was our first box and it won't be the last, we were so pleased with the quality and indeed quantity there was more than enough for two good meals for four of us. The flavours were excellent and it was so simple just needed reheating.

  64. Chris Potter

    Brilliant food and excellent packaging. The best home delivery so far and the best curry since moving away from Manchester’s ‘curry mile’. Two boxes made a fabulous feast for 6 with lots left over. Simply excellent!

  65. Philip (verified owner)

    Everyone should buy! Too good to be true. Best curries you will ever taste. WE have ordered 3 boxes so far to date and will keep ordering in the future

  66. Nigel Bateman (verified owner)

    Just about to order our third curry box.

    The only problem with it is that when we went back to local curry house between boxes it was so inferior on every count that we won’t be able to go there again!

    Massive ticks on all fronts - delivery, quality, quantity, variety, etc.

  67. Shila Sultana

    My 7 year old twins tonight said this curry is amazing and I totally agree with them. Wonderful food, great service and very generous portions. Just about to order my second box!!

  68. Lee (verified owner)

    I love them, and have had many boxes and will continue to order more, but if I could suggest one improvement it would be to have a bit more sauce please. I live alone so I can make one carton last me two days but when I'm cooking half at a time and trying to split the packs evenly, there's not a great deal of sauce left once it's cooked. I am adding water as well but obviously don't want to add too much that it spoils the dish.

    • Aktar Islam (verified owner)

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you for your feedback. Obviously because we allow for 500g of meat per container that takes up a lot of the space as we assumed everyone would prefer more meat but this is something we will certainly look at for you.

      Thank you for your orders

  69. Rovel Colaco (verified owner)

    Food was outstanding in taste and value.

    Delivered to Manchester exactly on time.

    We will be ordering again.

    Very generous portions and not greasy or oily

    Spice level just right and concentrating on flavour with enough but not too much heat.

    Can’t wait for our next box.

  70. Stuart P (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal food, and very generous portions.
    Can't recommend this enough!

  71. Bev (verified owner)

    Ordered a couple of weeks ago for a weekend away. Way more food than we could get through (only three of us) so lots in the freezer! This is just such excellent quality and flavour, I will never order locally again. Also fantastic value - easily feeds 6 for one meal and great variety of dishes. The beef brisket was the stand out meat curry. I’ve just ordered another box to portion up and freeze at home. Cannot recommend this enough

  72. Jonathan Tate (verified owner)

    Still love the Aktar Mixed Box Deal - just finished my third order. Having now had a few I wondered if there might be any possibility to do a smaller box without the fish - as a family of non-fish eaters this doesn’t normally see the light of day which always upsets me slightly. Also will the Milk Bread be returning? The 8 naans were lovely but the variation of the milk bread used to be welcomed. One final comments although I loved the new boxed up approach is there any possibility for labels to be included on the tubs as they were on the bags before.

    The product remains delicious and the above are a few minor suggestions and have not diminished my enjoyment to date. I’m not sure the local takeaway will get another look in!

  73. Patrick McCormick

    These meals are superb! Such a great mix of tastes and very generous portions - 5 of us had a lovely dinner on Friday night with plenty left over for us all on Saturday evening too. But it’s not just the quantity, it’s also the recipes, the combination of flavours, and the customer service which means everything comes carefully packaged with ice packs etc to help keep it all fresh, and delivered when you expect it.
    The only thing that beats Aktar at Home is a meal at Opheem! Can’t rate either highly enough!

  74. Shilpa (verified owner)

    Ordered a curry box for delivery at holiday address when we were on holiday with a group of friends . We very much welcomed truly authentic Indian meal after a week of overindulgence.Food was so fresh as was the quality of meat . You get a text from DPD at 11am the day you have the delivery, confirming your hour time slot so you are not waiting all day .The box is well worth the money and you eat a feast that could easily be enough for a couple of days . The insulation package for delivery was amazing and so well wrapped . The team catered for a meal with no beef and I have to say we will definitely order again ! Truly scrumptious meal from the start go ! Thank you team !

  75. Siobhan Collins (verified owner)

    Tried the curry box for the first time last week, it was fantastic! Every curry was delicious and the box could have fed 8 of us! Will be ordering again very soon. Thank you.

  76. Rob

    Just the best. Live in st ives. Not a good curry selection down here. Delivered and did 3 meals for 4. Amazing. 100% on it again.

  77. Jan Watters

    Absolutely FANTASTIC. The food arrived at the appointed time in perfect condition. It fed 8 (hungry) people, with 3 of the 8 Nan breads left over. It’s, BY FAR, the best Indian food I’ve ever had. Having eaten in many Michelin star restaurants, this is definitely up there with them. Fabulous!!

  78. Delia (verified owner)

    What can I say, arrived beautifully packaged, no spillage, leakage or squashed items. The flavours were amazing, such variety and quality, the meat and vegetable dishes outstanding and the naan breads the best we’ve had from a takeaway yet. Would highly recommend, this will feed 8!

  79. Emma (verified owner)

    Just beautiful food as ever. The best thing to come out of lockdown! We hope you’ll keep on keeping on as it’s just a wonderful treat. We’re a bit sad the fish seems to have gone though, it was always so delicious.

  80. Andrea Whiteley (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Just had my first box and I was blown away by the quality and the portion size. Easily provides several meals for two people and we consider ourselves to be greedy people! Will definitely order again.

  81. Stan Shires (verified owner)

    Tried the curry box for the first time after two friends talked about it. Packaging was superb - 4 x meat boxes, 4 x veggie boxes, 8 large nans and bag of rice. Superb and very tasty - a real treat. However the price is not crazy if you think that this could be a meal for 8, or a feast for 6 or a great way to have a few days off cooking or to load the freezer up with Michelin star quality food! Nans weren't quite amazing but still 5 stars.
    Will order again and also want to try the leg of lamb too.

  82. Wendy M Derbyshire (verified owner)

    The food was abundant and wonderful. It all tasted fresh and fragrant. I struggled to differentiate between the mutton and beef but they were both tasty. IF I had any improvement suggestions it would be how to make it easier to heat up - I used every pan in the house and all the serving dishes. It would be easier if the dishes were delivered in aluminium trays that could go into a hot oven to heat and put on the table.

  83. Robin (verified owner)

    Wow. I was lucky enough to go to Lasan in Birmingham, maybe 15 or so years ago and the dishes there blew me away. A friend told me about Aktar at home and I immediately signed up to a curry box and got very excited from the moment I placed the order. Expectations were high but these were smashed out the park. Each of the 8 dishes was fantastic. We served it all (minus 4 naans I froze) and 4 adults ate very well, too well perhaps, and there were still left overs. It's hard to pick out a favourite (all were great) and i'm already planning to clear out some freezer space and make some more orders. So, so happy with the curry box. Honestly, i couldn't recommend it high enough. THANK YOU to the Aktar at Home team!

  84. Elizabeth Carver (verified owner)

    We ordered twice in one month, simply because the food was so excellent the first time. The second menu was a great as the first and we now know these menus will become a regular feature on Friday nights. Best curries we’ve ever tasted, and we’ve eaten a fair few over the years.

  85. susan_kurien (verified owner)

    Very tasty , authentic , Indian food.
    Free form 'artificial flavouring'.
    Well done & Thank-you.

  86. Paul Phillips

    First class food and first class service. The curry box was way beyond the eating capabilities of our 5 hungry people. That means another meal or two in the freezer. Can't wait for our next delivery.

  87. Greg Thompson (verified owner)

    Stunning, simply stunning!

    Myself and 12 friends enjoyed a curry box and vegetarian box this weekend, and my god it was good, head and shoulders above any Indian food I’ve ever eaten.

    Such a joy to experience dishes I’d never heard of let alone eaten. Both meat and vegetarian dishes were delicious, as a meat eater I’d quite happily have just had vegetarian dishes, they’re that good.

    Wonderful depth of flavour, heat that builds and compliments and works with all the other flavours rather than smacking you in the face like your average takeaway to the extent you can’t actually taste anything.

    I haven’t stopped telling friends and colleagues about how good it was, safe to say I’ll definitely be ordering again, my mouth’s watering a little already at the thought

    Thank you Aktar and your team, I salute you

  88. David Wimbush (verified owner)

    First time customers and wow, could write pages on just how good the Mixed Box Deal dishes are, best advice just order a box and try for yourself. Ours was delivered perfectly chilled, four meat and four vegetarian dishes with eight naan and lots of rice. Every dish sensational. Take a little time with presentation and you will have a perfect meal. We had a family meal for seven very hungry people and had way more than enough food. We think we could easily get eight meals for two from our next box. Thanks Aktar at Home for such wonderful curries.

  89. Alan (verified owner)

    We had the Mixed Box Deal last weekend, absolutely fantastic. Every dish was excellent. We will order again and I have recommended aktar@home.com to friends and work colleagues.
    Will locate your resturaunt for any trips in your area. Thank you

  90. Lyn

    Had the leg of lamb meal as a birthday present. It was faulous, I did cook it longer than suggested but that was personal preference. As expected there were leftovers so I minced the lamb with garlic, onions and a couple of Oxo cubes. Placed in a baking dis covered with a layer of the vegetables dish leftovers, a layer of my homemade Indian mint sauce, all topped off with creamy mash. Yummmmm, really good

  91. Louise St Clair (verified owner)

    We have eaten 4 of the 8 curries delivered on Thursday and they have been excellent. Portions are generous and the meals are so easy to reheat. We will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.

  92. Helen Houghton (verified owner)

    Probably the best variety of meat and vegetable dishes we have ever had, absolutely superb. If I had one comment to make, it would be that our brisket beef dish was dry and needed a sauce. However, it really was an experience. Well recommended, thank you Aktar

  93. Michelle (verified owner)

    The food was amazing. This is my second time to try it and it won’t be the last x

  94. Toby Hickish (verified owner)

    A perfect package in every way! I can’t tell you how impressed we were. I just hope they don’t get too popular and either over stretch themselves or cut corners!

  95. Marie (verified owner)

    The mixed box deal was delicious. It was fresh authentic curry, both the meat and vegetarian dishes were superb and bursting with flavour. Excellent value and highly recommended.

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