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Tandoori Box

SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
NoneAchaari MurghChicken wings marinated in indian pickling spicesView Data Sheet
NoneAdraki MurghChicken drumsticks marinate in ginger, green chilli and garam masalaView Data Sheet
NoneAfghani LambRack of lamb marinated in medjool dates, sultana and cardamomView Data Sheet
NoneTulsi MurghChicken thigh tikka marinated in fresh coriander, basil, fenugreek and roasted cuminView Data Sheet
NoneMaas Ke SooleyFillets of beef marinated in Rajasthani chilli, tomato and papayaView Data Sheet
NoneMint ChutneyClassic mint chutney traditionally served with tandoori delicasiesView Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
Black 1Murgh MakhniTandoori chicken simmered in a smooth aromatic buttery tomato sauce, finished with local honey and ground fenugreek.View Data Sheet
Black 2Chicken MadrasTraditional chicken curry from Chennai formerly known and Madras, chicken simmered in a coconut milk and tamarind sauce spiced with mundu chilli and tempered with curry leaves and black mustard seeds.View Data Sheet
Black 3Chicken JalfreziChicken cooked with bell peppers and onion simmered in a roasted tomato and shallots sauce finished with corriander and pickling oil.View Data Sheet
Black 4Bhuna MurghChicken simmered in a rich onion and tomato bhuna sauce with black cardamom, bay leaves and cassia bark.View Data Sheet

Mutton / Lamb

SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
N/AGBM Leg of LambRajasthani style roasted leg of lamb, marinated in
smoked chilli, cumin and fenugreek
View Data Sheet
Pink 1Lamb Rogon JoshClassic Kashmiri style curry, lamb simmered slowly in a velvety smooth sauce spiced with Kashmiri chilli and aromatic spices.View Data Sheet
Pink 2Methi Gosht Nizami KormaMutton simmered in a mild aromatic classic korma style sauce finished with fenugreek and whipped yoghurt.View Data Sheet
Pink 3Lamb Bhuna BanjaraSmoked bhuna lamb from Rajasthan, lamb in a rich caramelised shallot sauce spiced with mathania chilli, peppercorns and bay leaf.View Data Sheet
Pink 4Hyderabadi Keema MattarMinced mutton and peas cooked with mint, corriander and roasted chilli sauce, a truly traditional hyderabadi gem.View Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
Olive Grey 1Beef VindalooClassic vindaloo; 8 hour slow braised brisket simmered in a roasted chilli, cinnamon, peppercorn sauce soured with vinegar.View Data Sheet
Olive Grey 2Gosht SagwalaPunjabi style sagwala, beef brisket braised overnight with spinach and fenugreek then tempered in garlic.View Data Sheet
Olive Grey 3Keralan Beef CurryBrisket simmered in a coconut milk sauce spiced with, Keralan long pepper, Kashmiri chilli and tempered with curry leaves and black mustard seeds.View Data Sheet
Olive Grey 4Dhaniwal KormaNorth Indian style beef korma, beef shin simmered in a bone marrow and caramelised onion sauce scented with green cardamom.View Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
Yellow 1Allepy Fish CurryKeralan fisherman's curry, cod loin simmered in a curry leaf tempered coconut milk sauce soured with unripe mango.View Data Sheet
Yellow 2Nellore ChappaAndhra style Salmon simmered in a fenugreek and tamarind coconut milk sauce spiced with dried chilli.View Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
Orange 3Channai Brinjal MassalaMadras style baby aubergine and cauliflower curry, roasted aubergine and cauliflower simmered in tempered coconut milk with tomato and tamarind.View Data Sheet
Teal 1Bhuna AlooRoasted new potatoes simmered in a rich roasted shallot and tomato style bhuna sauce.View Data Sheet
Teal 2Gobhi MattarPunjabi style roasted cauliflower and green pea cooked in a tomato and caramelised onion curry.View Data Sheet
Teal 3Kashiphal ki SabjiButternut squash cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce with tamarind and sundried chilli.View Data Sheet
Teal 4Kadela CurryChick pea simmered in a south Indian Keralan coconut milk curry spiced with Aamchoor, chilli and ground corriander.View Data Sheet
Purple 3Dhal BhagaraYellow lentils spiced with cumin tempered with garlic, roasted chilli and curry leaves.View Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
Orange 1Hyderabadi Soy KeemaMinced Soy and peas cooked with mint, coriander and roasted chilli sauce, a truly traditional hyderabadi gem.View Data Sheet
Orange 2KadhaiSoy chunks cooked with bell peppers and shallots finished with roasted, corriander seeds, cumin and chilli flakes.View Data Sheet
Orange 4Dhal MakhniOne of Indias favourite dishes, black lentils simmered overnight with tomato, butter and cream then tempered with garlic and ground Kashmiri chilli.View Data Sheet
Purple 1Chilli PaneerIndo Chinese streetfood favourite, paneer cooked with bell peppers, onion in a sweet and spicy garlic and chilli sauce.View Data Sheet
Purple 2Paneer MakhniNorth Indian style tandoori paneer in a smooth aromatic buttery tomato sauce, finished with local honey and ground fenugreek.View Data Sheet


SleeveDish NameDescriptionProduct Data Sheet
N/ASignature Pilau400g Aged basmati cooked with aromats and fresh herbs.View Data Sheet
N/AFluffy Naan BreadTraditional North Indian style breadView Data Sheet


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