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All our curries and products are made using traditional recipes and then blast frozen to lock in the flavour and freshness.
Once you receive your delivery you can place directly in to the freezer or simply defrost then reheat in a sauce pan and enjoy.
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We have to say a huge thank you for all of our persistent guests who have been asking about our yearly Christmas Box since early in the summer. It’s been incredible to have so many people chasing us to say how good their Christmas Dinner from us has been over the last few years and has motivated us to get stuck in and find a way to do it once again! As our full Christmas Banquet has now sold out we are in a position to offer the core meal prepared for you by our chefs as a smaller box for smaller families or groups of friends. With 800g of each of the trimmings as well as 2kg of Aged Sirloin for those with a smaller group, just grab the mains for a carefree christmas!

Perfectly generous for 4 people!

  • 2 kg of aged Herefordshire Beef Sirloin on the bone with herbs
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Pork sage and onion stuffing (G)(D)
  • Roast heritage carrots (D)
  • Roast potatoes (D)
  • Roasted parsnips
  • Yorkshire puddings (G)(D)
  • Cauliflower cheese (D)(G)
  • Sprouts with iberico ham
  • Hispi cabbage with cream and pommery mustard (D)
  • Bone marrow & Malbec gravy



NB While this menu will remain static, there may be some minor variations as we continue to prepare and work with suppliers.

Also be aware that all orders made are final and non-refundable. We have a very tight allocation and sadly will likely struggle to resell following the last closure of this box as other people make arrangements for their Christmas Day.


Please note that this will be the only date we can organise delivery and should your postcode fall with any notes on our "DELIVERY" page, inform us as soon as you can to see whether we can make other arrangements!

NOTES: Approximate weights, as we’re cutting a natural product there may be slight variation in the exact weight and as this is a one-off item we will not be able to amend, cancel or transfer to another week once the order is placed.

Out of stock

A selection of 4 vegetarian and vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

A selection of 4 curries comprising of 3 meat curries (1x chicken 1x lamb/mutton and 1x beef) and 1 vegetarian/vegan curry delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

A selection of 8 vegetarian/vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

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Two chicken, one mutton, one beef and 4 vegetarian/vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

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This box can feed up to 6 people and is a significant amount food with over 4kg of marinated meats!!

Enjoy a selection of Aktar’s signature Tandoori-style marinated meats; perfect for a family BBQ this spring/summer.

The last few years have blessed with incredible sunshine, so for the next few months it's time get our friends and family around to make the most of it with a BBQ with big flavour in my signature Tandoori Box; making a welcome return since our last one nearly a year ago.

All items in this box can be cooked in the oven or on a BBQ!

NOTE: This product is only available for delivery two weekly on Thursdays. Note that these are freshly produced also and not frozen products. Hence we have strict capacity on volumes we can offer. 

If you have other products within your cart, these will be limited to purely this delivery date due to this product being in your cart.

To order your other items for another date, please complete the basket without the Tandoori box and process your order separately.




Wiltshire lamb cutlets in a sweet date & sultana marinade, spiced with toasted black cumin, green and black cardamom


Fillets of beef marinated in raw papaya, garlic, smoked ghee, Kashmiri chilli, black cardamom & nutmeg


Cotswold white drumsticks marinated in Kashmiri chilli, fresh and dry ginger, toasted cumin & coriander


Chicken thigh in an herby marinade of fresh basil, coriander, fenugreek & green chilli


Chicken wings marinated in yoghurt, North indian pickling spices, Kashmiri chilli & garam masala



16 large Punjabi Potato & Pea Samosas


Unleavened flatbread cooked in a tandoor


Mint raitha

(G) Contains Gluten (D) Contains Dairy (N) Contains Nuts (V) Vegetarian
Allergenic ingredients are present in our kitchen. We cannot guarantee dishes are 100% free of these ingredients.
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Classic vindaloo; 8 hour slow braised brisket simmered in a roasted chilli, cinnamon, peppercorn sauce soured with Goan todi vinegar

Beef Vindaloo (Olive Grey 1)

In stock

Punjabi style sagwala, beef cheek braised overnight with spinach and fenugreek then tempered in garlic

Gosht Sagwala (Olive Grey 2)

In stock

Brisket simmered in a coconut milk and tamarind sauce spiced with, keralan long pepper, Kashmiri chilli and tempered with curry leaves and black mustard seeds
Keralan Beef Curry (Olive Grey 3)

In stock

North Indian style beef korma, beef shin simmered in a bone marrow and caramaelised onion sauce scented with green cardemom
Dhaniwal Korma (Olive Grey 4)

In stock

Chicken simmered in a rich onion and tomato bhuna sauce with black cardemom, bay leaves and cassia bark
Bhuna Murgh (Black 4)

In stock

Tandoori chicken simmered in a smooth aromatic buttery tomato sauce, finished with local honey and ground fenugreek
Murgh Makhni (Black 1)

In stock

Traditional chicken curry from Chennai formerly known and Madras, chicken simmered in a coconut milk and tamarind sauce spiced with mundu chilli and tempered with curry leaves and black mustard seeds
Chicken Madras (Black 2)

In stock

Chicken cooked with bell peppers and onion simmered in a roasted tomato and shallots sauce finished with corriander and pickling oil
Chicken Jalfrezi (Black 3)

In stock

Aktar Islam’s GBM winning recipe, which serves up to 6 people. After a short break off the menu as the UK farming industry settled down we are pleased to announce that the much beloved smoky leg of lamb that so many of you enjoyed over lockdown is now back on the menu!

The huge 2.5/3kg leg that for many became a welcomed alternative to the Sunday roast or an amazing centre piece for a family dinner is back for a limited period. Every week it will arrive with a selection of four traditional vegan/vegetarian curries, our amazing aromatic pilau and fluffy naan breads.

As with all of our generously portioned boxes it’s not just for that one sitting and it was lovely to see all the amazing creations you all made with the leftovers, from spiced lamb sandwiches, Indian wraps even to a spiced shepherd’s pie and so many soups! We can’t wait to see how creative you all get with your boxes!

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Classic Kashmiri style curry, mutton simmered slowly in a velvety smooth sauce spiced with Kashmiri chilli and aromatic spices

Mutton Rogon Josh (Pink 1)

In stock

Mutton simmered in a mild aromatic classic korma style sauce finished with fenugreek and whipped yoghurt
Methi Gosht Nizami Korma (Pink 2)

In stock

Smoked bhuna mutton from Rajasthan, mutton in a rich caramelised shallot sauce spiced with mathania chilli, peppercorns and bay leaf
Lamb Bhuna Banjara (Pink 3)

In stock

Minced mutton and peas cooked with mint, corriander and roasted chilli sauce, a truly traditional hyderabadi gem
Hyderabadi Keema Mattar (Pink 4)

In stock

Keralan fishermans curry, cod loin simmered in a curry leaf temepred coconut milk sauce soured with unripe mango
Allepy Fish Curry (Yellow 1)

In stock

Andhra style Salmon simmered in a fenugreek and tamarind coconut milk sauce spiced with dried chilli
Nellore Chappa (Yellow 2)

In stock

Yellow lentils spiced with cumin temepered with garlic, roasted chilli and curry leaves
Dhal Bhagara (Purple 3)

In stock

Roasted new potatoes simmered in a rich roasted shallot and tomato style bhuna sauce
Bhuna Aloo (Teal 1)

In stock

Punjabi style roasted cauliflower and green pea cooked in a tomato and caramelised onion curry
Gobhi Mattar (Teal 2)

In stock

Butternut squash cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce with tamarind and sundried chilli
Kashiphal ki Sabji (Teal 3)

In stock

Chick pea simmered in a south Indian keralan coconut milk curry spiced with Aamchoor, chilli and ground corriander
Kadela Curry (Teal 4)

In stock

Madras style baby aubergine and cauliflower curry, roasted aubergine and cauliflower simmered in tempered cocnut milk with tomato and tamarind
Channai Brinjal Massala (Orange 3)

In stock

Minced Soy and peas cooked with mint, corriander and roasted chilli sauce, a truly traditional hyderabadi gem
Haderabadi Soy Keema (Orange 1)

In stock

Soy chunks cooked with bell peppers and shallots finished with roasted, corriander seeds, cumin and chilli flakes
Kadhai (Orange 2)

In stock

A selection of 4 vegetarian and vegan curries delivered with pilau and fluffy naans

One of Indias favourtite dishes, black lentils simmered overnight with tomato, butter and cream then tempered with garlic and ground kashmiri chilli
Dhal Makhni (Orange 4)

In stock

Indo Chinese streetfood favourite, paneer cooked with bell peppers, onion in a sweet and spicy garlic and chilli sauce
Chilli Paneer (Purple 1)

In stock

North Indian style tandoori paneer in a smooth aromatic buttery tomato sauce, finished with local honey and ground fenugreek
Paneer Makhni (Purple 2)

In stock

16 Large Punjabi Potato & Pea Samosas (best cooked by shallow frying until crisp and golden)

Contains: Gluten

400g Aged basmati cooked with aromats and fresh herbs
Signature Pilau 400g

4 large fluffy naan breads
Fluffy Naan

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