What curries are included in your Mixed box/ Lamb box?
Our Mixed box always follows the same model of 2x chicken curries, 1x mutton, 1x beef and 4x vegetarian and vegan curries. Our chef chooses the exact selection daily. Our Lamb box always comes with a mix of four vegetarian curries, again selected daily by our chefs.
Is it possible to build my own Mixed box selecting the curries that I want?
Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to make bespoke Mixed Curry boxes, however if you are sure of the curries that you would like to receive you may prefer to place your order from the selection of individual curries that we offer.
How many people does your Mixed Box serve?
We would recommend that our Mixed Curry box very comfortably serves 8 people.
Is the food delivered fresh or frozen?
All of our food is blast frozen before being sent out and is packaged in eco WoolCool insulation with ice packs. On the rare occasions that we do have to supplement stock and cook on the day of shipment some of the curries may be delivered fresh and chilled rather than frozen. However they can still be stored in exactly the same way (either in the fridge or freezer). If you are at all unsure after receiving your box, please feel free to contact us via our Contact page.
What is the best way to store the contents of my box/what is the use-by date of the food in my box?
As long as you have not already tried to reheat/fully defrost the contents of your box they are fine to store in the freezer until the best before date shown on the curry sleeve. Alternatively, all of our food is fine to store in the fridge for three days after delivery.
Is it possible to freeze any leftovers?
We would not recommend freezing anything that has already been fully defrosted or re-heated.
What is the best way to defrost the contents of my box/ do I need to defrost before reheating?
We would recommend defrosting the contents of your box in the fridge or microwave prior to re-heating/cooking. For the marinated meats, including our leg of lamb we would recommend that this is done overnight. Once defrosted please follow the cooking instructions provided on our website.
Where can I find the instructions for preparing my box?
The instructions for each box can be found on the Instructions & Allergens page, then by clicking on the box you have received. The Instructions and Allergens page also provides Data Sheets which offer full ingredients lists and nutritional information for all of the dishes that we offer.
Once my order has gone through is it possible to add to it/amend it?
Unfortunately once your order is processing we are not able to add to or amend it. If you do need to reschedule your box we may be able to accommodate and it is best for you to email in via our Contact page.
Is it possible to add a personal message to my box?
We do not currently have the facility to add personal messages to our boxes, however if you are looking to give an Aktar@Home box as a gift you may be interested in one of our gift cards, which have an option for adding a note to the recipient.
Will any remaining balance on my gift card be available to use against my next order?
Yes, you can redeem any remaining gift card value on a new order, by imputing your 16-digit gift card code.
What is the expiry date of gift vouchers?
Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from delivery.
I am having difficulty in redeeming my gift voucher, what can I do?
Please check that you are adding your 16-digit gift voucher code to the gift voucher, rather than the coupon section of the checkout. If the issue persists please contact us via our Contact page and one of the team will be happy to assist.
Do you offer VAT receipts/invoices?
Our product is not VAT-able and therefore we are not able to offer VAT invoices.
If my box has been delayed by a day is it still safe to eat?
We package all our boxes so that they will withstand up to 48 hours in the courier system, as DPD does sometimes incur delays. Each item is sealed individually within our boxes. We also use eco WoolCool to insulate our boxes against outside temperatures and ice packs to insure the interior of the box maintains a steady temperature. It is normal for the ice packs to melt somewhat during the delivery process. This can sometimes cause a little condensation/water damage to the outside of the box/packaging but should not affect the product inside. If you do have any enquiries regarding a delayed box it is best to email us directly via our Contact page.
If the ice packs in my box have started to melt, are the contents still safe to eat?
It is natural for the ice packs to melt somewhat during the delivery process and this should not affect the food inside the box.
Why has the delivery for my order exceeded £8.50?
All of our set boxes (such as the Mixed box) are packed to fit snugly within one shipping box, for which DPD charges a flat fee of £8.50 to deliver. If you would like to add any additional items to the Mixed box, they will have to be packed in a new shipping box and therefore incur a second delivery fee (you can get up to 8 curries per box). Unfortunately, DPD does not allow for combined postage even if it is going to the same address.
Is it possible to get the Mixed Curry box without beef?
We can sometimes make amendments to create a no beef Mixed Curry box, if this is something that you would like to order it is best to email us directly via our Contact page.
Is it possible to get a Mixed Curry box Dairy free?
We can sometimes make amendments to create a no dairy Mixed Curry box, if this is something that you would like to order it is best to email us directly via our Contact page.
Do you offer NHS discounts?
Unfortunately we are not able to offer NHS discounts, however we do have special offers and competitions from time to time, so it is best to keep a lookout on our social media pages and for our email mailers.
Do you do a discount for large orders?
We do now offer an Event Catering range suitable for larger bookings. Please email us directly for more information.
Is there a minimum spend for orders?
Our minimum spend is £35 per order.
Do you have a direct phone line/what is the best way to get in contact?
Aktar@Home does not have a direct phone number. The best and quickest way to contact us is via email on our Contact page. We always aim to respond to all queries as quickly as possible, however please be aware that we are only available Monday to Friday.
What are your opening hours?
Our operation hours are Monday to Friday 10am until 6pm.
How to select my chosen delivery date/can I place my order ahead, if so by how much?
Once you have added the item(s) that you would like to your basket and headed to the checkout stage you will see a drop down calendar with all of the available delivery dates. Simply select the one that works best for you. We keep our calendar open for up to six months ahead should you wish to order in advance.
How many days ahead do I need to place my order/ can I order for next day delivery?
We would recommend you place your order no later than 4 days before your chosen delivery date to avoid any possible disappointment.
Can I select a specific time for my delivery to take place?
Unfortunately we do not have the facility to schedule specific delivery times with our courier. However once your order is on its way you should receive your one hour delivery window (this will most likely be on the delivery morning).
Can I amend my delivery address?
This is generally no problem, however if you do need to make any changes to the delivery address for your order please email us directly via our Contact page.
My account details are not being recognised, how do I log in to place my order and view my previous orders?
You now no longer need to log in to place a new order with us.
If I need to cancel my box how much notice do I need to give?
If for any reason you do need to cancel your order please contact us directly via our Contact page.
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