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Aktar Islam

Pushing the boundaries. Creating experiences.

Aktar @ Home is my new creation, tested and proven throughout the lockdown, but it won’t stop there. It is a new challenge where me and my team are creating excellent food with the best possible produce, that will be restaurant quality even after it is delivered to your home and reheated. We love the challenge!

When you come to one of my (very different!) restaurants, you see that what unites them is pushing the boundaries with flavour, despite using cooking techniques from all over the world, some traditional, and some very modern.

The same key idea applies at Aktar @ Home. The food is simple and traditional, but the processes and flavours are complex.

I have travelled a lot all over India and that’s where I take inspiration for the curries. All curries we put in the boxes come from different parts of India and therefore flavours and style are different and unique to those regions.

As for the beef roast, it is very simple – it is one of my favourite meals to have. I religiously have Sunday roast on every Sunday with my family, and sometimes even on Wednesdays!

All in all, here we strive to provide you with classic family meals done to a Michelin-star standard and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

Supporting the Aktar at Home initiative helps the Opheem team to support the needy in our local community by continuing to provide hundred of meals weekly to various Birmingham based charities.


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