Simple BBQ Ideas

These simple BBQ ideas are perfect for anyone looking to make delicious food with minimal effort. Summer in the UK means beer gardens, t-shirt tan lines, and the glorious smell of barbecues wafting over every other garden fence. Be the envy of your neighbours with the mouth-watering scents of our Tandoori BBQ box, guaranteed to have perfect flavours every time.

8 Simple BBQ Ideas

1. Barbecued vegetables

Perhaps the easiest of all, barbecued vegetables are healthy, colourful and can be full of wonderful flavour if done correctly. Barbecues don’t have to consist only of meat. Cater to a wider range of guests by offering some perfectly charred veggies.

Lightly seasoned aubergines, courgettes and peppers are a perfect addition to a meat-filled BBQ. Slice thickly and place on the grill until lightly charred on each side. A drop of balsamic vinegar and olive oil with sprinkle of salt will make them shine. Or throw a corn on the cob directly onto the grill and turn regularly until lightly browned all over. Smear in butter, sprinkle rock salt over the top and serve hot.

2. BBQ Skewers

Skewers on the barbeque are so versatile and can be made up of an unlimited variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables and even fruits. Slide onto the skewer some marinated diced chicken followed by a chunk of green pepper, red onion, and yellow pepper and repeat the layers until the skewer is full. Alternatively, try diced pork with pineapple and chunks of brie. Or halloumi with a range of different vegetables.

Simple BBQ Ideas

Lay the skewers onto the heated BBQ grill and turn every couple of minutes to evenly cook the meat and lightly char the vegetables. Ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly before serving.
3. Halloumi

Halloumi has become a staple of any great barbecue. Cut into thick strips and lay on a heated BBQ grill for a couple of minutes on either side or until golden. Halloumi is naturally salty so there is no need to add any seasoning – easy peasy!

4. Marinated meats

Whether you’re the biggest meat-lover or trying to cut down on your consumption, you can’t deny that marinated meats are FULL of incredible flavour. For easy meat to BBQ you can purchase jars or sachets of ready-made marinade and leave your choice of meat to soak up those aromas.

For the tastiest and easiest meat to BBQ, you can grab one of our Tandoor BBQ boxes.

Simple BBQ Ideas

How does this sound for flavourful? Our selection of tandoori-style marinated meats includes*:

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5. BBQ Burger

close-up photography of burger with patty and slice cheese

Even if you’re vegan, no barbecue is complete without a burger. Whether it’s a plant-based burger or a beef burger, there are a few simple things you can do to turn it from a plain old dish into a showstopper.
– Choose your bun.
A seeded bun or brioche bun the correct size will transform your burger eating experience. Even the biggest bread lovers don’t want the first few bites of their burger to be nothing but dry bread.

– Adding texture.
The contrast between hot and cold and crunchy and soft works incredibly well on a burger. Sandwich your patty with crunchy red onion, juicy gherkins, crispy bacon, and soft creamy cheese. Another way to add more texture to your burger is by lightly toasting your burger bun – yum!

– Make it saucy.
Unless you have a perfectly seasoned and full of flavour burger patty you should absolutely add a condiment. Sauces come is every possible flavour from smoky BBQ to caramelised onion and from mayonnaise to hot sauce. There really is something for every taste bud.

6. Summer salads

leafy vegetable dish in blue ceramic bowl

By adding an irresistible summer salad to your table you’ll cater to all your guests who are trying to eat healthily, and you can bet your bottom dollar some of them will be. Tart up your boring lettuce, cucumber and tomato salads by adding watercress, radish, chickpeas, toasted pinenuts, avocado, capers, hard cheese and croutons. Top your salad off with a light garnish such as a glug of olive oil and splash balsamic vinegar.

7. Potato salad

There’s no need to buy a ready-made batch of potato salad, it’s quick and easy to make yourself and tastes so much better. For a classic potato salad toss together some hot boiled new potatoes with finely chopped shallots, capers and a dollop of mayonnaise. Add a large handful of chopped chives, mix and serve.

For something slightly different mix your hot boiled new potatoes with some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, a handful of chopped parsley and serve with hard-boiled eggs, halved.

8. Drinks!

flatlay photography of sliced fruits and cucumbers

After all this glorious BBQ food you’ll need something equally divine to wash it all down. Cold, refreshing drinks with chunks of fresh fruit and the option to add a splash of alcohol are sure to go down a treat with your guests. For an even bigger wow factor serve your beverages inside the fruit itself.

Grab a watermelon, cut the top off and scoop the inside out. Remove excess water by mashing the watermelon flesh through a sieve into a bowl. Add caster sugar and lemon juice to the flesh and blitz together with a blender. Stir in some pink gin (measurements depending on your taste and how big the watermelon is – please drink responsibly). Add some ice to the hollowed-out fruit and fill with the watermelon-gin concoction. Top with lime wedges and stick a handful of long paper or metal straws in for joint drinking fun.
Get the party started with these easy to make summer cocktails or skip the alcohol and make these sensational mocktails.

What is the best food for a BBQ?

Now, we might be biased but we think the best food for a BBQ is of course Indian food. After all, it really is, in our opinion, the best cuisine in the world! Whether you want to try something different or whether you’re an Indian food connoisseur, our perfect Indian BBQ tips are sure to impress.

Simple BBQ Ideas

What to serve at an Indian BBQ?

Top tip: If your guests are less familiar with the wonders of Indian food and don’t have a high spice tolerance, we recommend making your food milder and giving people the option to add more chillies to their individual plates. It’s common in India to have a side of fresh chillies where one can bite a little off with a mouthful of their food to add their desired level of heat.

So, there we have a list of simple BBQ ideas, to help you host the perfect BBQ. All you need to do now is check the weather, invite your guests (order a Tandoori BBQ Box) and put on a showstopping, taste tantalising feast. Enjoy!

Simple BBQ Ideas
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